Locksmith Port Moody

Locksmith Port Moody

Rekey Locks

Rekeying your locks when the key is stolen is the safest solution. It’s useless to simply replace it. The last thing anyone wants is to hear the home or office door opening by a stranger. Want to avoid such nightmares? Call us to rekey locks in Port Moody, British Columbia. When it comes to cylinder locks, we are the experts. And we can help you rapidly should your need is urgent. Our team moves fast when keys are lost or stolen. But we can also schedule home or office lock rekey before you move in.Rekey Locks Port Moody

When do you need lock rekey?

  • The most urgent situation would be when the key of a specific door is stolen or even lost. In such cases, you can’t take chances. You need emergency key change to be sure nobody will use your key to walk into your residence or business.
  • We also rekey locks when you want a master lock. Each key works well with a lock configuration. In the case of a master key system, we rekey the tumbler to accept a master and servant keys.
  • Rekeying the locks of a new house or office is also the most cost-efficient solution. If the locks are new and not worn, we can simply rekey them and hand you a new key instead of changing them. That’s to save you money.
  • Since the meaning of lock rekeying is the elimination of the chance of anyone having your personal keys entering your property, it’s also wise to rekey locks in Port Moody when workers are dismissed and co-tenants or spouses move out.

We rekey locks in a timely manner

Locksmith Port Moody can rekey your cylinder locks quickly. Call us for same day rekeying if you are in a hurry to secure your property now. Our pros are trained and come equipped in order to use the right tools and key replacement for each lock. Want assistance now? Wish to schedule an appointment for another day of the week? Call our company in Port Moody.